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Zkittlez X Gelato

Runtz, also known as “Runtz OG,” is a rare type ofย  hybrid marijuana strain. Runtz is made by Cookies Fam by crossingย  Zkittlez with Gelato and it is loved for its incredibly fruity flavor profile that smells just like a bag of the sugary candy we all know and love. Because of the rising popularity of this cannabis strain, it’s no surprise Runtz was named Leafly Strain of the Year in 2020. Growers say this strain has resin-drenched buds that range in color from rich purple to lime green. Runtz is celebrated for its creamy smoke that is smooth and welcoming. This strain of weed produces euphoric highs and uplifting effects that are known to be long-lasting.



Cookies and Cream X Secret Weapon

Oreoz produces a long-lasting and relaxing high. Consumers should take caution as the high potency of Oreoz may be overwhelming to those new to cannabis. This strain has an aroma reminiscent of campfire s’mores, with extra delicious hints of chocolate and diesel. Medical marijuana patients use Oreoz to help relieve symptoms associated with appetite loss, insomnia, chronic stress and depression. Growers say this strain has dense buds that are lumpy, long, and neon green in color with amber hairs and glittering trichomes.


Deep Fried Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cake X Deep Breath

Description Coming Soon!

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